Health issues in ECLP are considered a priority by Community Members, Neighbourhood Management groups and local health services.

The cluster features excellent examples of community based health projects from friendship groups and walking groups to play and language groups and substance misuse awareness projects. However the size of this cluster means that there are significant gaps across the area and due to a varied demographic the same model is not always appropriate. We propose to support and celebrate the positive examples already existing in the area and to work with the community to develop services where there are none.

Key to making the cluster a healthier community is not only improving the services available but instilling a sense of ownership and responsibility in community members about their own health and lifestyles. The NHS locality teams and Public Health teams are keen to improve community involvement and are very supportive of these plans to improve the profile and accessibility of services available to community members.

The current Health projects are:

Access to Health Services

To identify issues regarding the accessibility and scope of local health services, and empower local people to become “Community Advocates” to help shape the design, delivery and review of those services.

Friendship and Socialising Groups

To support existing, and develop new, opportunities for people to access local friendship and socialising activities and so reduce potential for individuals to experience social isolation.

Under 5 Provision

To enhance parents’ knowledge of the stages and issues in their child / children’s development through improving access to local services and initiatives targeted at those under 5 years old.

Parent to Parent clubs

To create opportunities for parent’s to gain informal peer “skills development” support from one another, with the aim of using these to communicate key health messages such as those concerning healthy eating, immunisation and smoking.

Food and Nutrition

To improve access to identified local healthy food projects and activities in order to raise awareness and knowledge of how to eat healthily.

Public Health Messages

To support communication of consistent Public Health messages through training individuals to become “Health Champions” who will, in turn, promote key health messages within the community with the aim of improving the take up of local services.

Substance Misuse Awareness Training

To both raise awareness of the impact of substance misuse amongst young people as well as train and coach community members in delivering substance misuse prevention interventions in community settings.

Tackling Domestic Abuse

To raise awareness of domestic violence through undertaking specific publicity campaigns as well as supporting victims through the creation of an Independent Domestic Violence Advocacy Service.

Alternative Fitness

To identify and support the development of alternative personal fitness initiatives to those currently delivered at Eastern Leisure Centre in order to promote healthy lifestyle activities.


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